MTD, TROY BILT, CUB CADET Spindle Assembly- Fits most 38 inch Decks

MTD, TROY BILT, CUB CADET Spindle Assembly- 4 Bolt, Fits most 38 inch Decks

Auction is for one spindle assembly, if you want two just add two to your shopping chart.

This spindle assembly’s fits a lot of different machines, below is a huge list of the part numbers and models it fits.

Blades measurements are below

Centre Hole Diameter 6 Point Star
Body Length 106mm
Shaft Length 152mm
Mountings 4
Pulley OD 140mm

Please note does not come with mounting bolts, can supply if needed. Also the mounting hole are not threaded as if using the proper bolts the are SELF TAPPING thread bolts.

OEM Part No: 61804474, 91804474, 91804474A, 91804474B, 91804495, 91804495A, 1126063, 73804241, 93804241

Fits MTD 38″ cut models 13A2756F306, 13A2762F318, 13A2765F06, 13A2765F306, 13A276WF333, 13A879WF333, 13AC762F370, 13AC762F670, 13AC76GF390, 13AM762F765, 13AM76TF333, 13AM91WF333, 13AV11CF395, 13AV11CF695, 13AV93WF333, 13B2765F306.

Fits Toro 38″ cut models.

Fits Troy Bilt model 13WV77KF066

Fits Rover models Raider 15/38, 420/38, 13A276WF333, 13AM76TF333, 13AM76TF333, 13A879WF333

Any Questions just ask.

MT-SPIA-38OLD 152mm shat length

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