Forestry Helmet Combo *With Neck Protection* Dust, Sun Shield

Forestry Helmet Combo with Neck PROTECTION

This auction is for a complete forestry compliant Helmet, muff, visor combo, features are listed below.

*This kit has a awesome sun, dust shield protection, the best bit is the fabric gives full protection but doesn’t cook your neck and head as the fabric has been specially vented to keep you cool, in summer, dry in winter, is fully removeable, washable etc..

*Muffs are full grade 5 protection

*Earmuffs click out and will stay where left, fully adjustable and very comfortable.

*Visor holder clicks up and will stays up when you want it to, has a good pivot action and is very sturdy.

*The visor is nice and wide has awesome clearance and is super easy to remove, refit etc.. visor is simply held on buy 6 lugs that pivot to the left or right and visor just slides off and just as easy to refit. 15-20 seconds.

* The helmet has a fully adjustable head piece on a twist lock so again super fast to adjust and very comfortable to wear etc…

*The best part of these helmet combos is all parts are replaceable and I have them in stock and are well priced, my supplier has been selling them for 5 years and they can still be fixed by the current parts etc….

Forestry Helmet, brow guard attachment, earmuffs and mesh visor protection, Full Forestry spec (meets NZ safety standards)

Any Questions just ask.


99.08$ (USD)

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