Aluminium Manual Trimmer Head *3mm- 4mm LINE* Suit Any Straight Shaft Machine

Aluminium Trimmer Head *3mm-4mm LINE* Suit Any Straight Shaft Machine

This is for a new aluminium trimmer head that will fit 99% of straight shaft trimmers and brush cutters. Bolts on like a blade.

This manual feed and load head will take from 3.00mm to 4mm trimmer line as is very easy to load the line.

This head is only for BIG machines 35cc and up, if you have a smaller machine I do have the same head that runs smaller line so just ask and I will direct you to that auction, thanks.

To load the head with line, simply pull off three or four metres of trimmer line (will depend on the size line you use to how much you can fit on the head) double over to find the centre feed either end in through the centre feed holes (next to the main centre securing point, see in pictures) pull through then wind the line on in the direction the head turns. When you get to the ends simply push line into OPPSITE securing slots and trim line to even either side. When the line wears, pull line out of the slot and back to the next one etc..

To fit the head to your machine you will need the BLADE fittings i.e blade washer, left hand thread nut or bolt etc… the centre mounting hole is 25.4mm or 1 inch.

These heads wear very well and are very cheap and simple to use, a lot of contractors use them.

Comes loaded with DIAMOND EDGE 3.3mm Square line ready to use.

Any Questions just ask.


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